Precast Concrete Stairs - Advantages Precast stairs are particularly suitable to the construction of high traffic stairwells such as commercial and industrial developments. Disadvantages of Precast Concrete Steps Higher cost is one of the prime drawbacks of precast concrete steps. Timber provides a lighter-weight staircase than concrete does and this is important when you require a tall staircase or winding staircase inside your home. Advantages and Disadvantages of Precast Concrete. When identical members are cast, it is advantageous for the same formwork to be used. Copyright © 2020 Planet Stairs Melbourne. As better quality control can be exercised in the factory or yard site, concrete of superior quality can be produced. Mrs DG, Leeds ... Transporting precast concrete stairwells might be difficult as concrete is a fairly heavy material. Relatively inexpensive. Use and Advantages Precast Concrete. Facebook 0 Tweet 0 LinkedIn 0. 0. The main advantage of winder stairs is that they require less space than many other types of stairs. R.C.C stairs can be precast or cast in situ. It is necessary to arrange for special equipment for lifting and moving of the precast units. For example, they are common in homes where the grand staircase is in the entryway. There are some disadvantages to precast concrete.They are discussed below. 93. However, one of its advantages over precast slabs is that it does not need to be moved far to be lifted into place. Railings are desirable for safety reasons, and they are supposed to be able to support 90.7kg. March 25, 2019 March 25, 2019 - by Kathir - Leave a Comment. Reinforced concrete, as an economic building material, is very popular nowadays. ; Waffle slab can be used for larger span with less number of columns. Type of material reduce the cost of cement concrete slab. For example, in nearly all types of building, from multi-storey to single-storey, precast columns reduce the construction time by increases the building speed. With their prebuilt steps and stoop all in one piece, they can be installed in less than 30 minutes with the right equipment and require little maintenance. The versatility of precast concrete, together with innovative engineering and finishing processes allows us to create bespoke interior staircases that are both visually-pleasing and exceptionally resilient. Concrete is preferable in certain outdoor situations since it will stand up to rain, sun and other weather conditions. The wood grain adds a special ambiance to the house with its unique pattern running through each piece of the staircase. Below are the crucial advantages and disadvantages of precast concrete piles. One o… ‘Precast’ is a word you associate with rigidity and mass production. Jump to: Advantages of Precast Concrete Construction | Disadvantages of Precast Concrete Construction 1.1 Introduction. Next. This stair can be used where narrow and long space is available for a staircase such as entrance, porch etc. Metal stairs offer many benefits and have many advantages, depending on material they can be lightweight which is very important for any modern building. For example, in nearly all types of building, from multi-storey to single-storey, precast columns reduce the construction time by increases the building speed. Consider the benefits, size, height and location of your particular style of timber staircases to learn if indeed timber is the best material for it. 0. The stairs often settle, creating uneven stairs to travel up and down and creating a trip hazard. A staircase can have metallic elements – railings, treads, balusters or the entire staircase can be made of the same material. Pilot projects currently under construction, extend the use of precasting to 65% with bathroom and kitchen volumetric prefabrication and structural walls (HKHA, 2005). Demand for precast concrete buildings continues to increase throughout the United States. Home staircases provide a way to traverse from one floor to another in a house and receive a high amount of foot traffic throughout the year. 3. He works in the construction industry as a builder and as an energy efficiency consultant. - It can protect the walls from damp, extremes of weather and UV light. 2. Pros and Cons of Precast Concrete . | Facebook, Spiral Staircase Must Haves: Tips in Installing Spiral Staircases, Spring Remodelling Tips: Top Staircase Designs to Consider, Going Retro? You can opt for either concrete or timber staircases, but you may wonder which material is right for your specific staircase. Precast concrete stairs are a simple way to install an exterior staircase to a doorway. • Best suited for to the use of precast concrete steps and precast landing. Most precast products are cast in a factory using a wet-cast method, but others are cast on site—such as tilt-up panels. Stairs have a great impact, confirms Vastu. The team worked hard and were very professional. When talking with customers regarding stairs and railing projects, we try to verse our clients in stair design terminology.To learn more about the stair types we offer and what terms we use throughout the design process, take a look at this list of popular stair styles: Advantages of Precast Concrete Stairs: There are many advantages of precast concrete stairs: Saves Construction Time: Precast Concrete construction saves time, the risk of project delay is also less. Bored precast concrete piles have advantage over the driven precast concrete piles, in following locations and situations, Where the vibrations and noise caused by the driving of piles are to be avoided. 679 Shares . Full form of AAC block is utoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC), it is also known as Autoclaved Cellular Concrete (ACC) and Autoclaved Lightweight Concrete (ALC). Concrete stairs offer a secure medium of getting away in case of conflagration and could be set / installed right away; they are utilised in each design sort wherein there is a need for entrance and way out. For more information on the sustainability of our precast concrete and some of our previous projects, get in touch with Metromont today! The average cost of precast concrete steps is about half to a third of the price of poured-in-place. The precast concrete wall does not require any maintenance. Another brilliant advantage of climbing stairs is the way that it encourages you get more fit much better. On the other hand, precast concrete stairs are far less labor-intensive, resulting in a more affordable product. Disadvantages of Precast Concrete: 1. 3.2 Advantages and Disadvantages. When putting in a new set of concrete steps at your home or business, you’ll need to decide between two options; precast concrete steps or cast-in-place. The use of prefabricated columns provides various benefits. These stairs can be easily moulded to any desired shape and are better wear and fire resistant. 32. Advantages . Precast concrete stairs are made remotely and only their final assembly is made on the place. As the precast concrete steps move from year to year, the steps bounce off the foundation and the threshold of the door, causing foundation damage and putting pressure on the door framing. Repairing damaged precast concrete steps are almost impossible. The following are the different types of stairs generally used in public and residential buildings. So there you have it. Get Quote Get Back advantages . A straight staircase is one of the oldest and most common types of staircase found in buildings. Precast concrete steps are highly convenient and suitable for most applications. The high quality finish gives a durable concrete staircase for long maintenance free life. The Advantages of the waffle slab are as follows. Call Milbank today. However, there are some major disadvantages to precast exterior stairways that far outweigh the benefits. Utilising leading Northern European manufacturing technology, our palletised formwork and precast shuttering system ensures the finish is of the highest quality. Precast concrete is no different and, at Eagle West Crane and Rigging, we are fully aware of the advantages and disadvantages of precast concrete. Posted on October 28, 2020 October 21, 2020 by Charlotte Cook. Concrete stairs are ideal for the construction of high quality private and residential stairways. 7 distinct advantages of using precast concrete in your next project. It is widely used in many types building around the world. 1. This couldn’t be further from the truth with Topflight concrete staircases – each is based on a hand crafted mould made by master joiners. This may apply in some fields, but not so much when we talk about the world of construction. One of the disadvantages of the system is the architectural limitation. The stairs also move independently of the house, which means that the stairs could move away from the house, toward the house, up, down, left, right; the possibilities are endless. Advantages of a Straight Staircase. Advantages and Disadvantages of Precast Concrete Piles. Some of the main advantages and disadvantages of a straight staircase are described below. These factory-molded stairs have a lot to offer in terms of ease of installation, convenience, and affordability. For more information on Longley Concrete’s precast concrete staircases, please feel free to click here. Affordability . Using most types of precast concrete slabs saves construction time. Better for use in slabs : PPC or OPC. There are lots of reasons—mostly advantages—why one would precast, and we'll get into those, but the biggest negative of precasting is that … Wood stains come in colours from light ash or oak up to even ebony or almost black. Precast concrete stairs are very heavy and are often placed on the soil right after construction is completed on a home. Precast steps, however, cannot sufficiently be supported by lateral pressure, making it generally unsafe to install railings on them. Both styles are significantly more durable than wooden steps and will hold up to changing weather and high volumes of foot traffic for many years. Timber Spiral Stair 44. Copyright 2020 Leaf Group Ltd. / Leaf Group Media, All Rights Reserved. Figure 1.5.1 Blockwork system. It may have two or more flight of stairs. Jan 4, 2018 - Types of stairs illustrated with advantages and disadvantages listed for straight stairs, L Stairs, winder stairs, spiral stairs, curved stairs etc. Modern, versatile, cost-effective & fire-resistant stairs that can accommodate progressive collapse requirements. There are no other structural elements within the concrete, so once the concrete cracks, the crack continues to seriously jeopardise the structural integrity of the steps. You have a wide assortment of finishes available to you for timber staircases. All Rights Reserved. The use of prefabricated columns provides various benefits. On paper, a lot of professionals may associate premade materials or tools as inferior to their assembled counterparts. Use and Advantages Precast Concrete. Staircase railings. However, there are some major disadvantages to precast exterior stairways that far outweigh the benefits. Advantage/ Disadvantage of Wooden Staircase Advantages • Allows paddlers easier access from a steep or eroding shoreline • Aesthetically pleasing; less disruptive to “natural” shoreline than concrete • May be easily and inexpensively repaired, if damaged • Wood also give a more comfortable and warm look to your home. Of course, you always should select a durable timber, such as oak for only one suggestion. The precast concrete casting can be carried on simultaneously with other works on site therefore saves time. A new type of staircase has made its appearance on the home improvement scene lately -- precast concrete steps. In modern sky scraper construction always framed structures are adopted, for such structures R.C.C stairs are the one and only stairs which can be used. Wood, on the other hand, will create a staircase that will not place undue stress on your floor. Precast Stair 46. Strolling all by itself will consume calories, and add to weight reduction, be that as it may, there’s nothing very like climbing stairs for getting this going also. On paper, a lot of professionals may associate premade materials or tools as inferior to their assembled counterparts. ... • Disadvantages - cause untidy soffit or underside of the stair. As we generally know that concrete is the mixture of three main ingredients which are cement (fine mixture of clay, limestone, and small amount of gypsum ground up to the desired degree of fineness), sand (only river sand or obtained through pit) and aggregate (Made form blasting and grinding from rocky soil) and when we add water (free from impurities) in this mixture it creates concrete which we use for various civil work. We are confident that for your home, you will most likely prefer timber to the concrete for your staircase. You can opt for either concrete or timber staircases, but you may wonder which material is right for your specific staircase. • Better fire resistant from timber staircase. For the purpose of lifting and moving of the precast units; special types of equipment are required. 3.2 Advantages and Disadvantages. Prestressed Concrete – Method, Advantages & Disadvantages 25/11/2019 Mike Mahajan CONCRETE TECHNOLOGY One comment Prestressed Concrete is simply concrete that is stressed before concrete is poured in from work with the help of jack and tension embed in it. Concrete will place too much strain on your floor and also require additional supports for use in an inside staircase. PRECAST CONCRETE By producing precast concrete in a controlled environment (typically referred to as a precast plant), the precast concrete is afforded the opportunity to properly cure and be closely monitored by plant employees. Advantages of precast concrete: Precast concrete has several advantages over cast-in-situ concrete: 1. 0. Precast Steps: Advantages. As opposed to precast, site cast, sometimes known as in-situ concrete, is poured, molded and cured on site. Outdoor staircases are typically not as tall as the indoor ones are too, which also makes concrete a viable option. ... Cross section of precast staircase connected to precast landing unit. Liked This Article? Concrete also comes in a variety of colours today, but the appearance of concrete is not as earthy as the appearance of timber is, and this is why most people prefer timber for their interior staircases. old steps image by Tammy Mobley from of pressure. Once the site is inspected and measurements taken, the steps are manufactured by filling concrete inside a mold of the required size. Some of the main advantages and disadvantages of a straight staircase are … Precasting techniques, however, differ considerably from conventional site-casting methods. The Advantages of Precast Concrete Steps Over Cast-in-Place. Adam Yeomans has been writing professionally since 2010, with his work appearing on websites such as eHow. wood pattern materials floor advantages and disadvantages PVC Fence WPC Fence Wall Panel WPC Deck Product Details. Precast concrete stairs are very heavy and are often placed on the soil right after construction is completed on a home. Precast Concrete Stairs Cost Much Less Than Poured-In Stairs. Advantages of Pre-Cast Concrete Wall. Disadvantages of Precast Concrete. 7. Staircases can be one of the most difficult elements of a structure to design. One significant advantage of precast concrete stairs is that they only cost a third of what cast-in-place stairs cost. 35. This movement can cause substantial damage that costs significantly more than simply replacing the stairs with a solid wooden staircase attached to the house. These units as are pre-engineered, their capacities or the limits are communicated with the purchaser to produce the desired unit. • Disadvantage – regular maintenance in the form of painting. ‘Concrete’ is a material which makes you think of functionality but neither beauty nor subtly. Keuka Studios offers various types of stairs and can also design custom cable railings for existing staircases. Spiral and curved precast stairs, prefab concrete steps & concrete landings for all building types. This may apply in some fields, but not so much when we talk about the world of construction. 41. You can do this process simultaneously with other project tasks like surveys, earthwork, and many others. Milbank designs, manufactures and installs precast concrete stairs and landings. Prestressed concrete is the most durable, reliable and strongest concrete that is widely used for the construction of mega buildings and bridges. Box 2486 Greenville, SC 29602 844.882.4015. High Initial Investment: For installing a Precast Concrete plant, heavy and sophisticated machines are necessary which requires a high initial investment.A large scale of precast construction projects must be available to ensure sufficient profit. Feb 1, 2018 - Precast concrete is one type of construction under which casting is done in a recyclable mould or “form” and cured in a controlled surrounding as well as transmitted to the construction site. Also Read – Advantages Of R.C.C Framed Structures Building. 0. Advantages . Along with many advantages, reinforced concrete also poses some disadvantages also. It is quite difficult to produce satisfactory connections between the members of precast. 8. The maintenance cost is almost nil. Concrete does not offer the same type of ambiance to a room compared to timber. Advantages and Disadvantages of Reinforced Concrete . But how do they stack up against traditional poured-in-place concrete stairs?