Venus-ruled Libra wants to form relationships of balance, I give you air, you give me life. And water signs—Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces—are known for being sensitive and sentimental . Here we will take a look at the air element in general as manifested by the 3 air signs. The 12 zodiac signs are grouped into four elements: fire, earth, air, and water. They don’t react well when people try to control them or put rules and expectations on what they should and shouldn’t do and they require the freedom to think and act in any way they like. The site is owned and run by a team of writers and editors at Astrotel Ltd. From beginners through to advanced students of Astrology. In Western astrology, astrological signs are the twelve 30° sectors of the ecliptic, starting at the vernal equinox, also known as the First Point of Aries. The Fire sign helps the Air sign feel more purposeful and shine, especially when having to deal with a lot of knowledge accumulated over time. The twelve zodiac signs are grouped into four elements—fire, earth, air and water. Signs that represent the element of Air in the zodiac are Gemini, Libra and Aquarius. Read how this element influences the zodiac signs and what the air signs are like in love. Another plus with Air is that it manifests itself most humanely. Because they often live so much in their mind they can come across as somewhat detached which can make it extremely hard for others to figure out what exactly it is that’s going on in that head of theirs! Ah, those intellectual, social air signs. Air is the third element associated with the signs of the Zodiac. Probably both, depending on when you catch them. Each sector was named for a constellation within it in the time of naming. Libra’s personality traits, on the other hand, allow them to work particularly well in groups of people and they have a talent for leading a team to a glorious victory. What does air represent and how does it help us. Sometimes they can be so contemplative that they lose themselves in thought and forget all about the outside world. Gemini never feels complete and the mutable sign Gemini, the sign of duality is always on the search for something, trying to find that one person or thing that will complete them. This is your hub for planets in retrograde. It has the power to change areas, and it does, Aquarius is the sign of change and originality. An air sign, Libra can often be "up in the clouds," and while he or she is amazing at making big plans, follow through can be tricky. The air zodiac signs are masters at critical thinking and instead of making rash decisions based on their emotions alone (like some of the other signs might tend to do) they prefer to make logical and calculated choices using their brain. Zodiac Air sign people are smart thinkers and handle abstract reasoning well. If the air sign takes the time to connect with water, then they can help to express in words what they are feeling. On the opposite side, water is able to give air some depth. Zodiac signs: The air signs … The three signs belonging to this Trigon are Libra, Aquarius and Gemini. Watch out for air signs floating off, ghosting you, or simply vanishing. The Air Signs The signs of the zodiac are grouped by elements in their triplicity, but they are also grouped by something known as their quality. So to give you a better understanding of the astrology of the air signs lets take a look at seven of the ‘core’ personality traits and characteristics that make up the air zodiac signs… it should prove to be quite revealing! In Western tropical astrology, there are 12 astrological signs.Each of the four elements is associated with 3 signs of the Zodiac which are always located exactly 120 degrees away from each other along the ecliptic and said to be in trine with one another. Aquarius seeks to understand and to knock down of barriers, like the jet stream that circulates air from one corner of the world to the other necessarily uniting everyone and everything. Not moving, but the air that circulates, that we need to breathe. Each of the zodiac signs is ruled by an element: water, fire, earth, or air. Libra represents air. They see all sides of an equation and can glean the best approach. Compatible astrological signs have a mutually harmonious exchange of energy, which creates satisfaction, vitalization, and a feeling of completeness in the pairing. It is as a mark of the intellectual. Air Zodiac Signs. It is the first sign of … Those influenced by Air can honestly wear another’s shoes as it were. You're awesome for doing it! Let us take a look at the Air element and delve a bit deeper into the 3 air signs. There’s no prejudice against these folks,  just a bright and shiny idealism that can emanate from their core being. Air signs are great peopl… Those influenced by Air can honestly wear another’s shoes as it were. The signs in the air group are Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius. In the astrology world, the air signs are considered to be the “communicators” of the zodiac and each has a unique gift for connecting with and working alongside their fellow human beings. The order of the astrological signs is Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces. He placed air between fire and water as it could be both hot and wet. Air signs are quick, curious, flirty, and smart. As an Air sign, Libra is a critical thinker and also very philosophical — once again, the "air head" returns. There is little upside in baiting or goading an Air sign. Air Signs are about communication. At the same time, this person pushes the Air one to get up and be more active, s… So, are Air signers fresh as a summer breeze, or are they howling like the wind? They’re also able to detach themselves from issues in a way that allows them to sit back and analyze a situation with supreme objectively and open-mindedness. And as for the Aquarius personality, they have a unique ability to connect to every type of person and concept, no matter how abstract or foreign. It is a masculine element (like Fire) and it echoes action and impulse. Each of these elementary groups has distinct traits. These signs are part of the same Trigon because they are 120 degrees from one another; their images can be connected by straight lines, which then form an equilateral triangle. When forced to slow down, it has a hard time. So if you have a dilemma, hand it over to an Air sign and watch them go to work. Other Zodiac Sign Profiles. So as wild and crazy a planet as Uranus is, this sign, his envoy, is just about always ready to shock and amaze the masses and to rebel against whatever everyone else is doing. It also rules the Third, Seventh and Eleventh Houses. Hi “Why are zodiac air signs considered emotionally detached?” Yes, you´re right, in astrological texts since Vedas and Medieval Age, astrologers all the time considered LIBRA, Gemini and, Aquarius cold, unemotional and detached. The element of Air is attached to the signs Gemini, Libra and Aquarius. According to an astrologer, these are three zodiac signs Gemini is most likely to marry. When they do commit to people or projects, they need it to be interesting to stick around. It is rarefied air that usually surrounds those graced by this Element. They also make for awesome company too because they’re always coming up with the best things to do and keeping things from getting too blasé. The first air sign, Mercury-ruled Gemini is the most flighty, like the wind that forms a dust devil, picking up debris in a strong gust, swirling with it and then letting it go, exploring off to another region. Libra Dates: September 23 – October 22 Symbol: The Scales Mode + Element: Cardinal Air Ruling Planet: Venus House: Seventh Mantra: I Relate Body Parts: Lower Back & Kidneys Colors: Ivory, Pink, & Light Blue Tarot Card: Justice Libra Traits & Overview. As air itself does not take one set shape, air signs … Air Sign: Curious, quick intellect, seeker of novelty, erratic, trendy, many … Astrology 42 is full of free articles, evergreen content, features, interpretations, recommendations and tools for anyone interested in learning Astrology online. "There are actually four elements in astrology: fire, earth, air, and water. What are the air signs of the zodiac? There are three zodiac signs that fall under the elemental category air: Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius. There are human emotions and characteristics which seem to be the aligned with these signs. Example: you could have someone who is Scorpio, but maybe has 4 or 5 planets in Libra, and could still exhibit many air qualities, even though Scorpio is a water sign. Fire Signs Aries, Leo, Sagittarius. Working with detail-oriented signs, like Virgos or Capricorns, can help Libras actually manifest their dreams into reality, especially in the workspace. Air is a rather elusive element that is sometimes forgotten about due to the fact that it can’t be seen… but that doesn’t make its presence any less significant. Join our mailing list to receive the latest news, articles and updates from our team about the new website and new features coming soon. They are objective, cooperative and want to help make a better world. Aquarius is the powerful force that makes the world go around, like the jet stream. They see all sides of an equation and can glean the best approach. The two elements are in opposition, so the Air is always challenging the Fire to have a stop and to think about what it needs to be done. The air signs really know how to let their hair down and have a good time and they’re almost always up for decent distraction from life especially when things are feeling repetitive. When it’s positive, Air connects well with water and it is able to put language (words) to feelings. Air Signs. It cannot for long and does not know what to do. Air signs are great communicators, are very open minded and have good social skills. The air zodiac signs are masters at critical thinking and instead of making rash decisions based on their emotions alone (like some of the other signs might tend to do) they prefer to make logical and calculated choices using their brain.. They’re all about the facts and getting to the truth and they always weigh up every pro and con before making an important decision. There is little upside in baiting or goading an Air sign. If you are looking at an overview guide to Retrogrades and planets in retrograde, then look no further. While these folks are often calm and collected, they can turn cold if their equilibrium is upset. Fire has traditionally been associated with Spirit -- the primal … We enlisted the help of astrologer Julie Green, who owns and operates several studios in and around New York City, for advice on what types of activities are best suited to the various zodiac signs. Gemini: May 21—June 21. The air signs are some of the most curious and inquisitive personalities in all of the zodiac and they are forever asking themselves deep philosophical questions and pondering life’s biggest questions. You do not have to be one of the air sign to exhibit traits associated with air. Despite the name the air signs are anything but ‘airheads’. Your Chinese Sign Profile Your Mayan Astrological Profile. They are alert, curious and perceptive. Just like a strong gust of wind blowing about sky, the air signs tend to be swift and elusive and others often find it hard to ‘get a read’ on them. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The elements are essential for understanding relationship compatibility (synastry.) What Each Zodiac Sign Should Be EXTREMELY Proud Of…, Negative Traits Of Each Zodiac Sign Revealed…, The Zodiac Signs In The Zombie Apocalypse…, Things That Give The Zodiac Signs Anxiety…. The Elements of the Zodiac Signs. These cardinal signs tend to bring harmony, life and balance to the world. Aries is the initiator. The Air Signs and Compatibility. Another plus with Air is that it manifests itself most humanely. Note: You do not have to be one of the air sign to exhibit traits associated with air. Together, they form the natural world, so each is in some way dependent on the other.