Germany is a vibrant country with a rich history and heritage. Thus, everyone who now, or his/her ancestor in the past, considers German to be his/her Native Language is cordially invited to join this project. Evidence that an ancestor actually served in the military can sometimes be found in family records, biographies, censuses, photographs, emigration papers, medals… TH—Researching German Ancestors Basic Research Outline for German Genealogy; Gathering Info: Use the Gathering Information article to help with German research. Expertly designed family tree templates, shapes and styles to quickly make family trees online. The German-speaking area of Europe has always been a crossroad of various ethnic and cultural groups throughout history. Make sure that you have filled in "Paternal Country of Origin" and "Maternal Country of Origin". Guide to German ancestry, family history, and genealogy: birth records, marriage records, death records, census records, family history, and military records. Old German Script Transcriber (alte deutsche Handschriften):, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. At the end of both World Wars, the boundaries of the states were changed dramatically, as areas of Germany were distributed among the Allied nations. Over the centuries, Germany consisted of numerous independent kingdoms, duchies, principalities, and states. Military records identify individuals who served in the military or who were eligible to serve. Welcome to the Germany-YDNA = German Language Area DNA Research Project! Commercially through Family Tree DNA. Clicking on one of these states will take you an article explaining family history research after 1945, when these states were created. It is also necessary to understand Germany by this system, as it affects the locations of archives and mailing addresses used in correspondence searches. Eventually, after re-unification in 1990, the states of Germany settled into what they are today. Once you know the town where your ancestors lived, consult a gazetteer for more details. Links to articles on getting started with German research: Links to tools and websites that assist in German research: Records are kept on the local level. As with many countries of Europe, Germany has seen dramatic changes to its borders and even its internal regions. The databases are indexes to original records, copies of which may usually be available from the organization that holds these records. 9 views. FamilySearch's German Historical Record Collections. +1 vote . Allen County Public Library – African and Native American Genealogy. Then in 1871, all German-speaking states except the Austrian states were consolidated into the German Empire. A young man who had not yet served had to get special permission before he could emigrate. Start right away with Creately family tree … If you report "Unknown" in this field you must let us know why you belong in our project. Olive Tree Genealogy has a Pennsylvania German Pioneers Project which includes the list of ships carrying Palatines from Germany to Philadelphia from 1727 to 1808 as well as names of passengers, Oaths of Allegiance and Ships Passenger Lists. These clickable maps and jurisdiction lists will link you to the instructions for your locality. We are an organization that was established in early 1996 by a group of knowledgeable and dedicated genealogists interested in providing support to all those researching their Germanic ancestors. German-Polish Emigrants to Russia between 1813 and 1866 German-Russian Genealogy Links German Russian Roots large database of names with email contacts here . Please do provide us below with details about your earliest known patrilinear (= direct male line of descent) ancestor, and, if available, please email the administrator a pedigree chart or documentation/description of your German ancestry after having joined the project. top of page Germans from Russia Family and Villages Homepages Germans from Russia in Gackle, North Dakota, USA Trenck - Von der Trenck. counties (kreise), and higher jurisdictions used at that time. Below are FamilySearch resources that can assist you in researching your family. Genealogy Freelancers is the easy answer for those of you who are looking to trace your roots and it is not just for research. Guide to Germany Online Genealogy Records for researching ancestry, family history and genealogy: birth, marriage, death, census, church, military, immigration, and naturalization records. That system is still in use today in the FamilySearch Catalog and FamilySearch Historical Records. First up is a family tree chart with a basic design in black and white for easy printing. This project would like to collect and analyze all of the different genetic contributions of all people whose native language was at some point in the past, or is in the present, German. FS—Getting Started—15:00 AC—German Research, Beginning—24:43; Learn about researching German ancestors in these articles. Pfefferkorn - Pfefferman - Feferman - ge: FETTERMAN The Palatinate families projectis an opportunity to record all the families that were persecuted and driven from Germany in 1708/9 and were refugees in England, Ireland and the Americas and settled in those countries or used them as stepping stones to their final destinations and to discover how they were all interconnected. THE PALATINES Prior to 1871, what is now Germany consisted of a number of separate states such as Wurttemberg , Prussia , Bavaria , etc., whose boundaries changed frequently as a result of war and other causes. Map 1: German areas independent of Prussia.