If a carrier chooses not to receive ticket numbers, no message is sent by the system. For a full list of the SSR codes, refer to the Amadeus Help pages HE SR and HE SR > GPSR4 To enter an SSR element that does not require freeflow text, enter SR followed by the 4-letter service code. It provides the most useful Amadeus Air entries and options available case of code-share flights. sources. You can only use this entry for segments with confirmed status codes. Description . Use OSI message to inform airline regarding passenger’s status such as, VIP or … Galileo by Travelport - How to Change password? This contact element contains the IATA city code, telephone number, and agency name, All information contained in the OSI element is taken from the travel agency office profile, Segment association is not allowed - you will receive an error message SEGMENT ASSOCIATION IS NOT ALLOWED, For airline specific information, enter: HE TICKETNUMBER, GP MTN, CTCE/ CTCE CTC/ CTC identifies the POS as an email address. ... (OSI & SSR). The TK Advice Code indicates there has been a flight time change for 6X flight 6251. An SSR or OSI message (depending on which type of message the carrier chooses to receive) is sent to the carrier. Airline code of the airline to be advised, Ticket number (transmits a single number), Ticket numbers (transmits a number range), Slash, passenger number (to enter SSR elements for selected passengers, you add passenger association. Name of the adult collecting the unaccompanied minor on arrival and telephone number. Most travel companies use a GDS (Global Distribution System) to book flights, hotels and car hire. It depends on what you mean. Airline code of the airline to be advised. FWR   Display Mini Rules in e-Ticket   FWR/TKT123-1234567890 Display Mini Rules from e-ticket number FWR/L12 Display Mini Rules from FA/... You enter a Special Service Request ( SSR ) to request a special service for a passenger, such as a special meal, or a wheelchair. Those companies assigned an IATA Airline Designator Code are to use such designators for reservations, schedules, timetables, telecommunications, ticketing, cargo documentation, legal, tariffs and/or other commercial/traffic purposes. Chargeable ancillary services based on Special Service Requests (SSR elements)Chargeable advance seat requests (SSR elements)Note: Chargeable advance seat requests are only available on airlines that have implemented the interactive seat map with Amadeus, or on airlines using Altéa Inventory. The Amadeus Selling Platform is a comprehensive browser-based front office platform designed specifically for travel agents. These contact elements do not generate an OSI message. Always pass passenger contact details such as phone/mobile so that the Airline contact the passenger in case the flight is delayed/disrupted. If you try to associate it, you will receive error message, For airline-specific information, refer to the Amadeus Help pages, Two forward slashes // are used in place of the. The Amadeus Quick Reference guide is intended for travel and airline office agents who use the distribution system. Adding SSR elements while creating PNR may lead to NOREC in airline’s system. OSI is, if I recall correctly, "Other Service Information" (I always use the term OSI - I never really think about what that's an abbreviation for), OSIs are used for sending all types of information to the airline - everything from Ticket Numbers, sometimes codes for special fares (which I think it'll probably be here), references to other bookings made for passengers travelling together with the one in the current … • Amadeus (JQ, 3K, VF & GK ) • Galileo (JQ, 3K & VF) • Worldspan (JQ, 3K & VF) • Apollo (JQ, 3K & VF) Holds (Time Limits) • The hold applicable to the first sector governs the entire booking • Original hold time remains the same regardless of A PNR CAN CONTAIN A MAXIMUM OF 127 OSI ELEMENTS. All SSR ... GDS Help - Abacus or Sabre | How to Split and Divide a PNR in Abacus and Sabre. How to display flight information (FLIFO) using th... How to book, price or sell a segment for an unacco... How to add SSR elements to a PNR in Amadeus? Please do not ignore the remarks sent by airlines in SSR/OSI formats (regarding Time Limit, Minimum Amadeus Help Page Void Transaction (TWX) replaced by the new cancellation Package (TRDC) Effective January, 13th 2014  the old void... Galileo by Travelport  - How to Change password? Amadeus Neutral Availability displays the flights with classes of service that are open for sale or waitlist (A – L – R) Amadeus displays impartially the Availability regardless the airline, according to the following logical principles: .1. Most codes are IATA compliant, but airlines may use variants. Amadeus, GDS Help Note: An OSI element is not a Service Request (SR) and does not require a confirmation from the airline. When you want to advise more than one airline in a PNR, use the generic airline code YY. If you are interested in reviewing your eligibility and/or applying for an IATA Designator Code, please visit our IATA Codes page accessible via the IATA Customer Portal. "Agents and carriers use the SSR and OSI fields for messaging with the airlines via teletype. ... OSI/SSR Fields Request ( SSR ) special meal - SRVGML Request ( SSR ) wheelchair by segment & passenger - SRWCHR/P1/S3 Delete SSR request - XE6 Delete OSI - XE7. On a ticket, you will only ever see: OK - Confirmed Space (Unless the flight is overbooked, you may still get bumped with compensation) WL - Wait-listed RQ - On request The others are more commonly seen in airlines and agents systems HK - Seat confirmed on a flight HS - Seat sold but booking not ended and re-retireved SS - Same as above, but depends on the … The Amadeus Air Quick Reference Guide is intended for travel agents who use the Amadeus System. There are many GDS present out there, but the world’s well-known ones are Galileo, Amadeus, Travelport, and Sabre. Amadeus Information System (AIS) The Amadeus Information System (AIS) is a central source of reference information, which is maintained by Amadeus and service providers. Requirements are explained in the IATA Designator Code Requirements document(pdf). You also have to enter all additional information about the group in the OSI elements: а) an alternative carriage option with the offered fare; Amadeus entry: OS EK 1BRWD EK888XXXXXX: Apollo entry: @:3OSI EK 1BRWD EK888XXXXXX: Farelogix entry: 1BRWD EK888XXXXXX: INFINI entry: 3OSI EK 1BRWD EK888XXXXXX: AXESS entry: 3 OSI EK 1BRWD EK888XXXXXX: Travelsky entry: OSI EK 1BRWD EK888XXXXXX/P1 (Note - … With Travel Choice you can make reservations that automatically take into account your client´s corporate and personal travel preferences as well as the preferences of your agency. The Format uses AIRIMP (Interline Message Procedure) standards (listed below) and must follow the format exactly to be read by the airline. Amadeus. It provides a link between the booking process and the stored profiles. SSR and OSI Field Use, Special Service Request Codes from Annie Blog to entire listing of OSI and SSR codes) instructions to agents. Amadeus Group Passenger Name Record (PNR) provides the travel agents with a flexible Group management tool to handle parties up to 99 passengers. With this program, and other security measures, Amad Amadeus Training Increase your knowledge of Amadeus products and practise your skills with instructor-led training, self-paced e-Learning and learning documentation. Amadeus is a highly scalable and open platform built on modern technology that aggregates all types of health data, from both traditional (e.g., claims, clinical) and non-traditional (e.g., behavioral, medical devices, social, etc.) Unlike SSR elements, OSI elements do not result in the automatic placement of PNRs on queue if a response is received from the airline. Enter, for example: 3/RR . If an OSI element is not passenger associated, the system assumes it belongs to all passengers, Every new PNR that is created by a travel agency has an OSI CTCT element automatically created by the system. added after Amadeus PNR is created and airline’s record locator is received. Ticket number of document with date and place of issue. Differentiating between these top GDS and defining the line for comparison is the best possible way to get insights about each of them. AMADEUS 5 It is prohibited to create an EMD separately from the group PNR, since in this case, the booking may be cancelled due to the absence of information on EMD in the required format. A PNR can contain a maximum of 127 OSI elements. TICKETING ARRANGEMENT FIELD. OTHER SERVICE INFORMATION -OSI (B F23) - SI.YY* VIP DEPAULO/KEVINMSTR UN EMBASSADOR - SI.LI*TKNM 9856531980123 Note: Check GC*200/5 for a description of airlines using SI.TKNM entries. The SSR element is different from the OSI (Other Service Information) element because it requires a response from the airline involved. Then this layer encompasses the protocols and services that the application will employ to access that resources. Direct flights non-stop, by Departure Time .2. How to use an Other Service Information (OSI) element to advise an airline of specific passenger information. Note: The service information can be any text of your choice. We use the following PNR example to illustrate: Send OSI to the carrier to cross reference two PNRs To add Total Complete Party (TCP) information in a PNR, please enter the below Other Service Information (OSI) entry: OS 6X TCPX FREE FORMAT OS = The action code for an OSI message 6X = The 2 letter airline code that the message is to be generated for At End Transact, the first agency telephone number (T*) is sent to the airline as an OSI. Note: An Other Service Information (OSI) element is not a Service Request (SR), and does not require confirmation from the airline.